Monthly Archives: April 2013

Folks, I am a little overwhelmed keeping up with things here. Wanted to post this. I am pansexual, and I am also a person the world identifies as a woman. I think that fear of women, fear of femme, and fear of LGBTQQI people is deeply intertwined. I think that we are all helped when those of us who are men, male, cis-gender, hetero, white, Christian (in the US), able bodied, and older-than-minors check our privilege, be aware of it, as much as possible try to mitigate the harms it causes, and work to get rid of the systems that give us unearned privileges at the expense of oppressing people who don’t have these privileges (people who are othered by systems of structural oppression).

This poem is something I wrote today, when I couldn’t take it anymore, and also failed to stand up for myself or anyone else.

It’s about my fail, basically.

Thanks for listening



So often I am that chick telling it how it is on the internet
that great big NEUTRAL! (sexist, whitewashed) sea
of an exchange of (certain kinds of, certain people’s) ideas
(tell me again, tell me how it just isn’t so!)

and today
I saw you tell him to check his privilege
and he said “you mean check my pigment”
and it was totally gross
and I know him:
he knows exactly what he’s doing
he thinks he has a right to his unfounded hate/fear/hate
he thinks he has a right to hurt you and me
and you smacked him in the face

and he ripped you

and I

at the words on my screen, no
they don’t occur in the flesh
but hell yes
they occur
and have an effect
In Real Life

For example:
shamefully, I hide my face
I don’t have the strength
I let you deal with this today,
I make a traitor out me.