JT on how sexuality is about desire, not deeds, and claiming “bisexual”

Hey everybody – life is getting crazy, and thus my article writing has slipped over the summer. But this is not a permanent situation! And, it gets easier for me when you write in, so don’t forget, all you bi / pan / fluid / + / other people, what are your experiences? We wants to hear ’em, on We Exist! silenceendshere@gmail.com

In the meantime, here’s JT answering a question about kissing men on the cheek, and addressing the hesitancy to claim “bisexual” when one is in an opposite sex, monogamous relationship.

“Sexual orientation isn’t based on sexual activity; it’s based on what you’re attracted to sexually. So we’re talking feelings, not deeds.”

Short article, but a good reminder.

Oh course, some of us pansexual bisexuals are perfectly happy in our poly and multi oriented relationships… but that’s my article, for another day.


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