EVENTS: Boston Bisexual Resource Center hosting “Bisexual Invasion” this Saturday + more

For those in and around the Boston area, Bisexual Resource Center is hosting a “Bisexual Invasion” house party this coming Saturday, May 19th.

RSVP and find out more by e-mailing

Other goings on:

Boston Pride is coming up June 9th, there will be a bisexual-oriented booth, probably a bi contingent, and I don’t know if anyone is planning a pan, fluid, questioning, or otherwise not-straight-not-gay-and-not-in-the-bi-box-either group, but I would support it. Get in touch with Bi Resource Center to start, maybe?

There’s a Kate Millet Festival coming up in NYC in honor of the bisexual author, June 24th. Details HERE.

Also in NYC, wanted to make folks here aware of Bi-Perspective, “the longest-running social, discussion and support group for bisexual, bi-friendly and questioning men, women and couples meeting in the New York City area.” If that sounds awesome,  meetings are on the 1st Sunday of the month from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM at the LGBT Community Center, 208 West 13th St. in NYC. For info, contact Michael: or call 908.355.4051.

For those in the NYC area, the New York Area Bisexual Network has tons of other great events and information, definitely check it out.

 I’m sure there’s a lot more that I missed… comment away, or inquire for your area, maybe somebody knows something.


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