Sarah Stumpf wrote a list of “Books Every Bisexual Should Read.”

Books!  Aw yeah.

I’ll start by saying: this article’s from 2007, so while I think it’s still very relevant, a lot has been written since then… so add your favorite books relevant to bisexuality, pansexuality, fluid sexuality, not-straight-not-gay, +, to the comments below!

That said, Sarah identifies in her article as a librarian, bi girl, feminist, and a lot else. She has this to say, and a whole lot more:

I’m a librarian (just finished my MLS, looking for a job) so to say that books are important to me would be a gross understatement. Books saved me as 15 year old bi girl growing up in conservative Catholic Wisconsin, where I didn’t know any GLBT people and thought there was something wrong with me for thinking my boyfriend was hot and female friends were too. They helped me understand that I was not alone. They were my friends when no one understood, my rock when I needed support, and my joy when I read something particularly smart, funny, or just wonderful. I wouldn’t be as well adjusted and intelligent if not for queer books in general, but as a bisexual, the books on this list represent some of the finest nonfiction I have ever encountered on a subject near and dear to myself.

So what are Sarah’s fav books for bisexuals?

Check em out here! 

One response to “Sarah Stumpf wrote a list of “Books Every Bisexual Should Read.”

  1. Ha, amazing what one finds when one googles their own name! I did write this a long time ago but if you guys would like, I would be happy to write you a new list. Shoot me a message on FB if you’re interested 🙂

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