Guest Post by Jesse P: “Why Your Bisexual Boyfriend Left You.”

Jesse does social work and community outreach in a mid-size New England city. 

Why Your Bisexual Boyfriend* Left You:

We’ve all heard the famous myth of how you “can’t trust” bi people. That we’ll always leave or “abandon” you for the “other side”. I’ve heard these myths quite a bit myself, and they always sting more when you hear them from folks you’re trying to date.


So, as a little tongue in cheek, I wrote down a list of reasons of why your bi boyfriend probably left you or wants to leave you. This list is based on things that I have actually experienced or been told, many of which almost put me off dating monosexuals forever. So, here is my list of reasons why your bisexual boyfriend left you:

1. He got sick of going with you to the straight bar/club/house party and hearing your guy friends hate on “fags”.

2. He got sick of you asking him how guys have sex with each other.

3. He was fed up with your friends at the gay bar making “fish” jokes.

4. He felt uncomfortable when your friends looked at him like he farted when he let slip about his old boyfriend Jack.

5. He was annoyed with you constantly saying how you would “just die” if he left you for a woman.

5. He was so done with you repeatedly asking him how he could “eat pussy”.

6. He was put off by you asking him if he’d decided he was straight or gay yet.

7. He got tired of you saying “you’re gonna leave me for a man” whenever you had an argument.

And that’s what I’ve got so far. If folks have anything they’d want to add to this list, feel free to join in in the comments.

*While writing this list I was asked by more than one person “what about girlfriends/women?”. I’m not a woman and didn’t want to try and imagine or pretend as to what their experiences are. I encourage bi women who want to make a similar list or share similar experiences to do so using their own voices.


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