Dean Spade + some thoughts on why the “bi” label won’t work for everyone

Once again, the amazing Ian directed me to this article, written by Dean Spade, “a radical trans lawyer” who is amazing in many ways, see .

Quote from More Gender more of the time by Dean Spade: 

My first and foremost problem with the term is the ‘bi’ part. Bi means two–like if you’re bi you fuck both of two options. Being fundamentally opposed to the regulatory notion of dichotomous gender, and living, as I do, in a non-cohesive, dichotomy-defying body and mind, this makes the term totally inadequate to me. I don’t see myself as falling into either of the imaginary 2 categories “man/woman,” and I don’t approach the people I want to fuck with those categories in mind. I am committed to an idea of gender that is about an ever-changing layering of gendered characteristics and perceptions, not at all about two poles, a continuum, or any boxes. Please don’t understand me to be promoting ‘non-labeling.’ What I love is specific, detailed, stimulating, inventive uses of language to constantly re-inscribe and re-identify body and sex experiences, rather than simplistic terms that shut down conversations about how hot we all really are. If I’m chasing a scrawny, new-wave, eyeliner wearing faggotbutchswitch lesbian, and a jocky-but-sensitive preppy trannyfag, and a tough-but-gentle punk activist translady top, how can that be made to fit me into one of 4 categories? Why would we want to do that, rather than talking in detail about how each one of those desirous moments changes how I see my gender and sexuality and opens up new possibilities?



Dean’s site:

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