Seth Fischer on Unicorns, and Being One

Occasionally here at We Exist, we will link to the works of authors we think our readers would be interested in. Thanks to my friend Ian for sending along this great link:

Quote from Notes from a Unicorn by Seth Fischer

But now that we’ve had some success, now that we have a voice and a foothold, gay rights advocates who are fighting for LGBT rights—for my rights—have to choose between two different talking points:

1)    Gays and lesbians are intrinsically attracted to same-sex partners.

2)    Gays and lesbians do not have a choice about being attracted to same-sex partners. It is intrinsic to who they are. While no one has a choice about their sexual orientation, sometimes, not always, bisexual people are attracted to more than one gender. So those people who are born with a more fluid sexuality can choose who they sleep with, and sometimes they may be choosing between a man and a woman, but that doesn’t mean they have chosen to be attracted to both men and women.

Which talking point would you rather use?



2 responses to “Seth Fischer on Unicorns, and Being One

  1. It’s a beautiful piece of writing. But I think the talking points are more complicated even than that. Most people don’t get to choose their sexual orientation. BUT some people feel as though they do. I like the discussion of this issue on the blog, “Feminist Pigs”, entitled, “No-one is born gay (or straight): here are five reasons why”. The most compelling to me is the culturally different notions of what gayness is, historically and geographically.

  2. Hey Holly – I think the talking points are WAY more complicated, definitely. The sense I got, from reading that part in the context of the whole article, is that Scott’s like, “uh, yeah, these things are way more complicated than gets discussed in the mainstream or even often the gay-stream, they certainly have been in my life… and, all of that gets erased in political buzz-phrases, without which we might be completely f*cked, but with which… I and others like me are being silenced.”

    Sound fair? I don’t think he’s saying “we just have to take it coz the alternative is awful.” I think he’s saying “this is how the silencing happened, and I was in the political middle of it to watch, and finally, I couldn’t. Effing. Take it. Anymore!”

    Having been involved in “LGBT” politics (which means SOOOO many things, are frequently is used as a euphemism for gay marriage, arrrrg), I can totally relate.

    The thing about choosing is interesting. I once read a blog called “Queer by choice.” I think it’s different for everyone. I really do believe that some people can’t choose, some people can, and some folks, like me… probably can’t choose our desires deep down, but can choose how unrepressed we’re willing to get.

    What do you think?

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