A reminder: Submissions Policy

Hi everyone,

Expect a new post VERY SOON – hopefully tonight, from a great guest author. (EDIT: DONE! Check out the post above – AMAZING).

In the meantime, I want to make sure that everyone is aware of the submission policy. The whole thing is located in the ABOUT section, including the Privacy Policy, and before you submit, I encourage you to read the whole thing. However, I want to do a brief recap here.

To submit to We Exist:

1) Please be bisexual, pansexual, not-straight-not-gay, I-like-everyone, or something like that, identified. If the shoe fits, write me.

2) PLEASE WRITE ME AT: silenceendshere@gmail.com.

Some readers are my personal friends, and know my personal e-mail address. PLEASE DO NOT USE IT TO SEND SUBMISSIONS. I get roughly a billion personal e-mails a day, and if you use that address, your submission may get lost. So again, PLEASE use silenceendshere@gmail.com.

Only I ever see the blog e-mail, and your privacy is safe with me, according to my policy. (See the “Privacy” section under “About” for details on this).


Submissions can include the following:

– Stories / essays / bloggy-type posts
– Poems
– Plays / theater scenes
– One liners
– A photo or visual work that “says it all”
– An audio sample, but be prepared to provide tech help for me to actually get it up on the blog. Please provide a transcript for the hearing impaired.
– Interviews, but if they are audio / video, please provide a transcript for the hearing impaired.
– Did you write a good related post somewhere else? Send me the link.
– Did I forget something cool? Send me a proposal

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ORIGINAL. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you saw something cool that you think I should link to, feel free to send me an e-mail with the authors contact info, at silenceendshere@gmail.com, and I will be in touch with them. Thanks!

Translation: Please feel free to submit posts you have written, which were originally written in a language other than english. I ask that you translate your submission to english for this blog, and I am happy to link to the original.

Thanks everyone! Now – back to rad pan/bi/I-like-everyone/queer-without-borders et al politics and experiences!


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