Guest Post by Michael: Identities

Michael Maldonado, a Brooklyn Nuyorican poet, believes that “Poetry is an interpretation of the visions the mind sees, imagines, or both. It cuts through the permeation of falseness implanted in our minds by the ignorant who wish to perpetuate the state of meaningless pseudo-living.” More of his large body of work can be found at The Latin Poet:


Identities …

It’s difficult enough to find our own

And yet it’s the people who don’t know themselves

That jump to define others and label their actions


Is there any “best” way to be?

Whom do we ask?

Certainly not the ones who are so full of confusion

they bring delusions of their own agenda


I don’t want to be this or that, or fit into some box,

or in a nicely wrapped package for someone to sell.

But there are still those who are hell-bent on

spending their time on such non-divine spells


Instead of defending who I am from people

who accuse me of being what they wrongly believe,

I’ll retrieve a weapon … a device … a catalyst

to unhinge even the most stalwart adversary


It’s not the people who know themselves

who point fingers away from what perturbs them most …

And to these I hold up a mirror and say STOP!

Before you say a single word about another … tell me what you see …


In their apprehension they are silenced by their unknowing.

Sometimes they cannot even see their own reflections

because what they always believed they were, was

only conjecture molded from ignorance and hate.


Where is the Love when Wisdom is imprisoned?

We can’t have one be viable without the other!

It’s time we begin to look at more than physical

and ask if there is a spirit which drives our mentality


Are we defined in our individuality by some soul who’s goal

is beyond our transient comprehension of daily unrest?

We test our limits with drugs, alcohol, and insanity

and our vanity leads us to believe we are invincible.


There are no answers entwined about these lines

And any such claims would be suspect and false;

A true searcher finds the answers deep within themselves

In moments of pain … of torment … and …



… in moments of LOVE !




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